> White coat hypertension, the risks for 1 on 3

This problem – reported by 15 italians out of a hundred – not è always to miss, perché a third of these patients suffer from really high blood pressure. And’ what emerges from the 19th Congress of the Società in the european of hypertension (ESH) in Milan, italy.

To better investigate on the phenomenon is a part of the study ‘Pamela’, which was conducted in the ten towns of 2,000 people in the whole of the Brianza, under the coordination of the Giuseppe Mancia, president of the Congress. So far this strange hypertension ‘sob’ was attributed to the emotion that the patient feels when it is in front of the doctor: they are afraid of the response, and then stirred.

“Unfortunately,” says Mancha – the study showed that high blood pressure white coat is not is not to be underestimated. At a distance of ten years, in fact, the patients get excited and can see up on the arterial pressure in front of the doctor risk three times più of a subject normoteso become hypertensive”. According to available data, the hypertension clinical isolated (another name of the phenomenon) is found in 15% of the general population and is responsible for “a significant proportion of cases – about a third – of hypertension.”

Also, if it seems that in patients who are shocked at the sight of the doctor, the cardiovascular risk is less than the ‘true’ hypertensive, several studies have shown that the condition is associated with the presence of organ damage and metabolic abnormalities.

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This suggests that you may be dealing with a condition that is not completely innocent under the clinical profile. Once you have made the diagnosis, remember the experts, it is necessary to evaluate the presence of risk factors of metabolic and organ damage.

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the Page was published on June 15, 2009