> Fimmg, più protection for doctors in the maternityà

from the pay during the period of maternityà: 30% of the normal salary instead of 80% accorded to other workers.

And it was accepted by the Government, in fact, the proposal of the Italian Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg)- through Ddl 1167 – to equate the staff of the fund of general medicine to the female employees in the protection of maternityà.

With particular regard to any guarantees which are not covered in the past: leave maternityà, parental leave, daily rest period, leave for the illness of the child, and for assistance to children with serious disabilities, as provided for in law 104 on the maternityà.

The bill, urged on by the Adriana Fasiolo, the provincial general secretary of Fimmg di Gorizia, è was presented by senator Tamara Blazina, member of the Commission Employment and social security of the Palazzo Madama.

“it’s an important step forward – explains to ADNKRONOS SALUTE Adriana Fasiolo – attention to women doctor of the family and their rights. Be overcome some penalties, starting from the economic one. The maternityà, in fact, until today, was treated to the disease, with a remuneration of 30% of the salary that, with the new rules passerà 80% as expected for the other women.”

The family medicine, he recalled Fasiolo, “sarà always più ‘rosa’, in the facultyà to medicine women now exceed men, and it is fundamental to offer the necessary protections”.

Also for the national secretary of Fimmg, Giacomo Milillo, it is “an important achievement for all the colleagues of general medicine, which finally are entitled to the rights già guaranteed to the workers of the dependence.”

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Page published on the 12th of July 2009