> Investigation by Aifa, Rome jurisdiction

The IV penal section of the Supreme court has in fact declared on the instance of the defender of the Martini, attorney Valerio Spigarelli, is inadmissible at the appeal that the public Prosecutor’s office of Turin, in the person of Raffaele Guariniello, had submitted to the Supreme court to oppose the transfer of the acts to Rome.

The supreme judges, however, have fully competent to the roman court. With regard to the story of the case in The Martini and Caterina Gualano you claim to have caused “a disaster for their to negligence, carelessness, incompetence, negligence and non-observance of the rules relative to the operation of Aifa marketed medicines is highly hazardous to the health and life of patients, as they were lacking of therapeutic indications”.

The same is also is in dispute, of not having organized the area “registration and pharma-vigilance” in a way that will allow to provide in case of needà to block the medicine at risk.

this Is a thirty products of the type diuretic, psychotropic drugs, anti hypertensive, anti asthmatic, antiobiotici and products that if taken by pregnant women could have serious consequences for the unborn child giving rise also to serious malformations.

This investigation it is concluded some time ago, and is now before the judge of the preliminary hearing of Maria Teresa Covatta that on the 19th of November, will haveà to decide on the request for the indictment of the two defendants.

Page published on 23 July 2009

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