> Ovarian tumors: ultrasound is excellent for diagnosing

The nigrostriatal transvaginal (TVS) is superior to the analysis ìèof the symptoms for the detection of ovarian cancers, while the analysis of the symptoms è più effective in distinguishing benign tumors.

The combination of these factors, however, improves the ability to distinguish benign tumors, but worsens the detection of malignant.

Benchè ovarian tumors are seen as a “silent killer” that produces few specific symptoms, recent studies have indicated that certain symptoms are significantly more common in women with ovarian cancers in the general population, but it was not clear how exactly the analysis of the symptoms should match with the TVS.

Finchè will not beà identified in a screening test effective for these tumors, will stayà the problem of discerning the significant symptoms from those più common for the optimal care of the patient: due to the nature blurred these symptoms, which lack a clear threshold to proceed to additional and more expensive tests, this is not a problem recently.

(Cancer online 2009, pubblicato il 15/7)

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