> Still controversy over the scrapping

A measure that is defined without logic and that, if maintained, porterà to a warm autumn.

The Government “does not have a minimum of consistency on the pension problem. Thursdayì has lengthened the working life of women (1 year each 2) and all workers (3 months in every 5), but three days later he instead restored the rule that scrapping the state after 40 contribution years”.

Stefano Biasioli, the national president of Cimo-Asmd, the tip of the finger, against the latest decision of the executive on the front of the pension.

“For the third time in 12 months,” she recalls, returns to the scrapping of doctors with 58-60 years. Send così retired professionals still young, talented, for the formation of which the State has forò spent millions of euro. As usual, becauseé we are in Italy – he insisted – you save the the lobby of judges, university professors, and primary. For these categories does not apply né genetics né the rule of the pension municipality”.

On the same line, even the Fp-Cgil: “The same text as già rejected a few weeks ago from the Hall of the Room, with a perfidy in più: the validityà of the notice of early retirement prior to the cancellation of the previous rule”. To speak, to the middle of a note è Up Mussel, national secretary of Fp Cgil medici.

“A doctor the public – explain Mussel – willà be prepensionato mandatory to 59 years of age, as it often has redeemed 10 years between degree and specialization. The minister Brunetta, always at 59 years old, will stayà peacefully to his post of university professor, a category excluded from the scrapping, as the magistrates and leaders, doctors of the complex structure. The citizens – says – will judge”.

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the published Page July 19, 2009