> Brain drain will not leave Italy

This appeal that the Foundation of the Cityà of the Hope, the Onlus in padua, which sustains the scientific research in pediatric oncology, the lance to the Italian researchers are often forced to seek work in other countries.

A move in conjunction with the sending of an open letter delivered yesterday to the president of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, signed by the President of the Foundation, Andrea Camporese.

“After years of volunteer work, writes Camporese Napolitano – in the course of which funds were raised for research for diseases that affect children, the Cityà of the Hope è managed to reach his più great goal: the building of the Tower of the research, the new Institute of pediatric research Foundation, the Cityà of the Hope that comingà in Padua.

The works started at the beginning of the year. Sarà the first center in Europe of its kind where you makeà research in the field of diseases of pediatric and sarà able to accommodate up to 300 researchers. We hope strongly, he continued, that our Institute may offer new life to the Italian scientists”.

“we Felt the need to inform the più high charge State,” explains Camporesi in a note – that in Italy there is anyone who lives and works in scientific research, especially after the letter that dr. Rita Clementi, a researcher, has written days ago to the President in which he announced his departure for Boston, his willà to leave Italy becauseé in our Country does not have the ability to work.”

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the published Page July 19, 2009