> Established the new the new board of directors of AIFA

After the meeting in which Fazio has ‘christened’ the new board of directors, the council is convened to deal with the points in the order of the day.

Among these, it learns the ADNKRONOS HEALTH, including the approvals of the marketing authorisation of new molecules, including the controversial abortion pill Ru486.

However, the points on the agenda were discusses in the course of the Council. There have been resolutions sinceé the material inquiry is not è arrived to the components of the board of directors in regular time, that is five days before.

The board of directors, therefore, affronterà the permissions in the next session, which will be heldà probably the 30th of July, even if you wait for the timetabling. The protocol on the abortion pill sarà on the table of the board of directors, therefore, at the next session, however, before the summer break, as anticipated, in the day past, from the newly-elected president of the Council Sergio Pecorelli.

Among the items on the agenda of the board of directors, the proposals to amend the regulation of organization, administration and sorting of the personnel of Aifa as well asé the proposal of the directorate-general for the approval of the distribution of the organic plant of the entity.

Page published on July 16, 2009

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