> Anaao assomed to the Brunette, when it comes to university?

After the public employees ‘slackers’, doctors ‘butchers’, the cops ‘panzoni’, when toccherà to another caste, that of his university colleagues called to task arduous to carry out 100 hours a year of teaching, that of the university hospitals with employment rates fluctuating around 50%, primariati every 3-4 sick and cost are inversely proportional, that of the 1,750 specialization Schools of medical, of which more than halfà with only one student and an educational system that raises alarm and concern?”.

asking is; in a note anaao Assomed, association of medical managers. “We expect patients to also see this prey between the claws reformers of the minister.

For the meantime, in a brilliant operation transparency, the minister of the public Function is sure to be, like the wife of Caesar, the più clear spring water, making it accessible to the public the data that concern him, as he has imposed upon the leadership of the public to use?

The public administration has certainly innovated, if not their organizational models – concludes the anaao assomed – the paraphernalia of verbal and demagogic”.

Page published on September 29, 2009

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