> H1N1: Ecdc – the inevitable waves in the fall

And’ what emerges from the latest bulletin released yesterday from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc), which on the basis of the analysis of what is just happened in the Southern hemisphere – the first to deal with the pandemic emphasizes, to as “hospital services, and in particular the unità icu,” the old continent “will be under pressure” in the coming months. In addition, the disease, when it occurs in severe form, often causes a viral pneumonia that causes acute respiratory distress syndrome.

A situation that rarely is seen with seasonal influenza, and is of difficult management for doctors”, stresses Ecdc. The Centre, on the basis of recent experience, provides forò also some data tranquilizers.

In particular, “the number of deaths does not seem to be increased in the Countries of the southern hemisphere compared to what you record with the seasonal flu, benché deaths have occurred in the different groups, especially the young.”

in Addition, the forecast più pessimistic experts “were reduced”, and there seem to have been “significant numbers related to infections asymptomatic”. Finally, experts estimate that pregnant women infected with the pandemic virus “are likely four times” più of the other to run into a severe form of influenza.

Page published on the 28th September 2009

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