> To October visits free from the dentist

Thanks to the national Association of Italian dentists (Andi), in collaboration with Mentadent, sarà can book a free visit to the toll-free number 800.600.110. This is reported by Andi in a note.

“it is always useful to remember – explains the secretary the cultural Nicola Esposito – a good oral health è important to maintain the health of the whole organism. And it is necessary to avoid subsequent interventions, more invasive and therefore more expensive”.

To maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, you need to take care from the children of the hygiene of the mouth. For this, stresses the Andi, è important to share with the più small gestures of prevention, such as wash teeth morning and evening.

This year the children, during the visit, they will receive a fluoride treatment gel to strengthen the teeth and protect their smile. In addition, the Andi, together with the Companyà italiana of dentistry for the handicapped, to promote the awareness of staff to patients with special needsà.

For this the dental centers specialized for people with disabilità, who have joined the initiative, will provide assistance and support in case you have the citizens with the needà of treatment that require a protected environment. 

dental Caries and dental care for good health of the mouth

dental implantology: a chanceà in più to find the smile

Page published on the 28th September 2009

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