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The bet by Fondazione Anna Maria Sechi for your heart, a point of free listening to patients and family members, you è proved.

And today, the Europe watch-the-Italian initiative submitted to the Congress of the european society of cardiology (ESC) in Barcelona, as a pilot experience exportable to other nations, whose strengths – reads a note – the synergy between the association and the community; and scientific attention to prevention. “This toll-free number fills a need still fulfils your every, and the figures prove it,” says Roberto Ferrari, president of the Foundation and of the Esc.

“Many patients are in fact elderly – continues Ferrari – and do not have the ability or the skills to access the internet. Find exhaustive answers, by competent operators and is free of charge, is a concrete solution.

An instrument in which to invest: it is paradoxical that micrornas promote is offered to you today the più sophisticated technique, but will not be able to implement a policy useful to stop smoking, and reduce cholesterol.

I really wanted the green number becauseé I think it is one indispensable tool of this integrated strategy on the promotion of prevention”. The toll-free number is active every weekday from 15 to 17, and offers a listening service and counselling.

Page published on 01 September 2009

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