> The day-after pill, and objection: they speak about the women in Rome, on the 29th of July, the Feast of the PD

Obtain the precious prescription, especially in the weekends, it turns into an ordeal.

Women who come to hospitals where doctors objectors do not prescribe it. Interminable waits of the prescribing doctor. Fatigue and humiliation.

As that was not enough, once you get the recipe, you can; find also in relation to a pharmacist objector. The last two cases, then finished with a complaint, have occurred in Rome and Fiumicino.

All of this takes place in spite of a law that does not allow pharmacists no objection of conscience. The president of the National Federation of pharmacists, Andrea Mandelli, has reaffirmed in the course of the transmission, One on the Morning of July 20, that the objection of conscience, for the sale of the drugs is not; it is contemplated, né by law, né of the code of ethics of pharmacists, while highlighting that the matter is debated would be a scientific problem: there would be absolute evidence on the exact stage in which the contraceptive is engaged.

The National Federation of doctors established in a document approved last October, in Ferrara, that the morning-after pill is a contraceptive emergency for which there is può make use of the conscientious objection, as provided for in the law on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (194/78). You may, however, appeal to a formula that the code of ethics of the Fnomceo indicates as the ‘clause of conscience’. In each case, as of a medication emergency, the physician in each case must, however, guarantee to the patient the name of another doctor to be able to provide in the più soon as possible.

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Much inconvenience to Italian women when in the rest of Europe, the pill of the day after you start to be a drug-counter, i.e. without prescription. How già takes place in Spain, in France, in England and in Germany.

On the illegalità, still unpunished, this alleged objection of conscience of pharmacists and, in some cases, even the doctors who refuse to prescribe the ‘morning after pill’, a contraceptive emergency, the association Life of women, who for years work for the protection of women’s health, offers a correct information both scientific and legal. Moreover, it calls for a comparison but above all a political commitment to the dignityà la libertà of the women, Institutions, and in particular to the Elected of all parties.

The appointment is in Rome, on the 29th of July, the Party Democratic, the Baths of Caracalla, hours 20.

Coordinates: Monica Soldano, journalist


sen. Vittoria Franco, director of Equal Opportunityà, the Democratic Party

mr Giulia Rodano, provincial councillor for Culture, Regione Lazio

mr Roberta Agostini, president of the commission of the Elected women, Province of Rome

dr. Giusy Gabriele, direttora general ausl RM D

dr. Elisabetta Canitano, gynecologist, president the Life of the woman

dr. Gabriella Pacini, midwife, responsible for SoS morning-after pill, the Life of the Woman

these, moreover, were invited to participate:

mr Cecilia d’elia, councilor for Culture, Province of Rome, mr Monica Cirinnà, president of the Commission Elected, in the Municipality of Rome, Donatina Persichetti, president of the council female, Region of Lazio, Antonella Cantaro, Equal opportunityà PD Lazio, Alberta Fanelli, president International House of women, Mirella Parachini, gynaecologist, president of Fiapac and the association Luca Coscioni for the freedomà of research, Piergiorgio Donatelli, a philosopher and bioethicist, See Lay, the municipality of Rome.

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