> “Finishing touches” wrong? Sì to the damage of depression

Write the ‘stoats’ that you can notò does not take into consideration “the presence of a disturbance and severe” due to the “scars disfiguring” the consequence of the intervention of the retouching that has gone ‘ wrong

Applying this principle, the third civil division (judgment 18805) has upheld the appeal of a mannequin in lombardy, Wild B., who at the age of 20 years had decided to consult a plastic surgeon for a breast enlargement for the liposuction of the thighs, and for a rhinoplasty.

the first of The works forò, as he renews the judgment, had given negative results, and così the girl was found with “disfiguring scarring” that it was not possible to eliminate despite two subsequent surgeries repairers. the

should Be noted that the Court of appeal of Milan, in 2003, in partial reform of the sentence of first instance that she had recognized the model, compensation of damages amounting to about 230 million of the old lire, had recognized other 15 thousand euros in compensation for property damage, 5.800 euro as reimbursement of the costs of the surgery repairer. the

The sentence had been imposed to both the surgeon and cosmetic clinic San Carlo Paderno Dugnano where it had happened the surgery.

A compensation, to that of the girl, did not take account of the damage to “non-physical”, i.e. of the damages to the life of the relationship, including “the serious disturbances of the emotional sphere, and sexual“.

hence the appeal of Wild B. who complained that the judges of the two previous degrees of judgment had awarded a single sum as compensation for the physical damages due to injuries, illness, surgeries, to prosthetic breasts, and an infection developed in the other. the

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Piazza Cavour accepted the complaints of the model and, bacchettando the courts of appeal, pointed out that “the presence of scars disfiguring non può be considered non-functional when" are in consideration the aesthetic and the sexual sphere of the person”.

the Wild, in fact, after touching the wrong had fallen into a state of depression, and for the Supreme Court, “the fact that you should use a psychotherapy manifests the presence of a disturbance and serious” that a judge, in the case of a claim for damages, not può ignore.

that’s whyé the supreme judges, referring the case to the Court of appeal of Milan, has highlighted that “the Court of appeal has not verified if the single sum due in compensation should be appropriate to the actual consistency of the non-pecuniary damage in view of their relevance to the integrityà physics, the relational sphere, psychic, sexual, and emotional”.

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