> Drugs, doctors lombardi ensure the abuse

This is the strategy of the Pirellone to provide citizens with appropriate treatment, avoiding on the one hand the “lack” of care, and their “excess”.

this was stated by the president of the Lombardy Region, Roberto Formigoni, spoke yesterday at the università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, at the opening ceremony of the third international Congress on ‘life of drugs: scientific perspectives and interdisciplinary analysis of a product in transformation’.

“The medication is fundamental, but it is good becauseé of an excess of drugs you can; also ill”, warns the governor of lombardy.

“Take the many medicines does not heal up first or best, the drugs should be taken in the right way and at the right time”. Also in line with the message of the sculptures is signed by Sara Asnaghi, for the exhibition ‘Pills-the-art, hosted in the Bicocca together with the exhibition of the famous quotes ‘Medicines between the lines’.

“The protection of health is a global challenge,” and “the increase in the consumption of drugs in the companyà più advanced poses a series of questions. We must put ourselves always più to the side of the patient: the patient is single and only has to be his main point of reference i.e. the family doctor,” says Formigoni.

the”Breaking of the path and to give in the management to different actors that are disconnected between them represents an error that può to carry to excess or to a lack of care: two sides of the same coin,” he adds.

“For this, the regional Council of lombardy, and just this year in Bergamo, Cremona, Melegnano, Lecco, Monza and Brescia, he recalls, he has promoted the experimentation of the ‘dowry health’, which was created to cope with, in particular, to the chronic diseases. The doctor is given, precisely, the key role of a guardian of the sick: a guardian custom and responsible”, concluded the president.

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Page published on September 21, 2009