> H1N1, premature to enable the medical board

We will go step by step, constantly monitoring the evolution of the epidemic”. Word of the regional councillor of the Sanità, Luciano Bresciani, to explain the attitude of the Pirellone faced with the pandemic H1N1 virus has recourse to a metaphor: “I would Not prepare a plan for the landing on the moon when it is simply a flight with the piper”, refers to the ADNKRONOS HEALTH.

The word order, in short, is “not too much emphasize” the emergency. Best to act with restraint. Foreseeing the possible scenarios, withoutò be ahead of times. The councillor of florence at the Sanità, Henry Doe, anticipated the intention to recruit physicians over 65 to reinforce the ranks of the ‘white coats’ ready to get off the field. The Liguria Region is thinking about doing the same, while the Lombardy prefer to proceed with plans for progressive.

“let’s Start with a plan, assuming that is; that you will treat thisà of an epidemic that can be managed with the means già available”, says Bresciani – If necessary, we then proceed with a “plan B” intermediate, if they were to increase the complications of infection and therefore hospitalisation. In this case, we plan to strengthen the laboratories and to provide più sleeps, perhaps by reducing hospital admissions scheduled for cases that are not urgent,” it continues.

“Finally we have a plan C emergency: we think and we hope that sarà necessary, but if you need we will enhance the health system ensuring the maximum availabilityà at all levels”. In summary, “all dipenderà from the volume of requests which we will see – it reiterates the commissioner – we Intend, however, to act in agreement with the ministry and, together with the other Regions. Would be ideas such as those of Tuscany”, he concludes.

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Page published on 07 September 2009