> (Aid), the scalpel is not; the panacea for the diabetic

“Well-being studies and research on diabetes – pressed he holds to the ADNKRONOS HEALTH – with the goal of overcoming a disease that affects 3 million italians. But these days we are literally overwhelmed of calls, especially to mothers of small diabetics who want to submit to intervention in their children.”

Important to note “that at the moment this is only a study”, serviceà 21 hospitals of the Peninsula, “and that not all the sick of diabetes are ideal candidates for this intervention”, which aims “to isolate the duodenum segment of the small intestine between the major defendants for failing to use the insulin” on the part of the body.

The sample considered by the study coordinated by Nicola Scopinaro, professor of general Surgery at the università di Genova, è composed of, for example, from patients that, among the characteristics required, must not respond to traditional treatments. “Only 5% of the sick – says he holds – then not more than 15 thousand people”.

But, above all, c’è an identikit of the people who, the second he holds, should not resort to the scalpel to fight diabetes. “The lean, for example – he stresses – but also the elderly, adolescents, and children.” In addition, he is keen to clarify the president’s Aid, end up under the knife ‘ for 7 hours, not è certainly a walk. So the research, but we avoid the enthusiasm too easy”.  

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the Page was published on October 05 2009

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