> Fake pediatrician Rho: the AO, this is a scam

He had invented a degree in medicine at the università di Padova where he had just given 6 exams, it was tucked a white coat and worked from November 1990 in the Department of pediatrics of the hospital of Rho.

The truthà on his fake cv è emerged during “a routine check”. And now the hospital is ‘Guido Salvini’ Garbagnate, which is at the head of the structure at the gates of Milan, he defines scary. Talk about an episode, “sad”, or rather “a scam,” in which “the company is the injured party”.

The complaint is the game and the investigation is open. Now, the story of the mock doctor, “highly esteemed by everyone”, is in the hands of the judiciary.

talking is Emanuele Torreggiani, responsible for communication of the azienda ospedaliera Salvini. “The company is the official statement released to reporters yesterday, as part of a constant process of reorganization and revision of the curricula of health staff, has asked all doctors to re-submit documents related to their academic history and work, according to the stylistic features as provided by law.

In the context of this reorganization, the company also performs sample checks, by comparing the data presented by the staff with those of the realityà indicated (università, graduate schools, and so on)”. And here is the surprise. Initially, “è revealed that Bass had presented documents are not in order according to our requests,” stresses Torreggiani. Then “we asked him to ripresentarli according to our requirements.”

At this point, “he is resigned” and the company, perhaps suspicious, he had done the checks at the università of origin” stated in the documents. Is così that this lord was not a graduate. The certificates were fake. Then we filed a complaint and lawsuit against him to the Command of the carabinieri and the Prosecutor’s office. The investigation has been opened and now it is up to the authoritiesà judicial proceeding.

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But it must be very clear – he insists the spokesman – that in this matter the Company Salvini è injured party”. And who “has discovered the fact thanks to the work performed by the Office of personnel, following the regulations in force”.

it is true, admits the Person to the ADNKRONOS HEALTH, Low “was highly esteemed” by all. But “the fact remains, very sad, that you can notò to carry out a profession without the necessary academic qualifications. This is a scam”, he concludes.

Page published on 30 September 2009