> Federanziani, priorityà of the seasonal vaccine

it is the belief of the Centre for Studies Sic Federanziani, emphasized in a note from Roberto Messina, president of the federation would soon start a vaccination campaign against the ‘normal’ flu in the elderly.

“The fact the più serious,” explains Messina – is that you are losing sight of the goal for which you è worked for decades. Only after years and years and years, you è managed to give a coverage of the vaccine to 60-65% of the elderly throughout the national territory. And, in spite of usò, every year for complications of the flu, and die in Italy, according to data from the ministry of Health, over 8,000 people of which 84% (or 6,700 deaths) is over 65″.

Messina “the scaremongering that is being created around the virus A/H1N1 has actually sent out-of-control the organizational machine that every year, even if with some difficultyà, could not, however, to vaccinate against the seasonal flu and the elderly”.

Federanziani reiterates that the epidemiological risk pandemic needs to be addressed with the method. And that slippage of the preventive vaccination seasonal, or even failure to reach the vaccination coverage of 65% of the elderly, “toà ‘quill’, is a certainty, the balance of deaths from complications,” says Messina. The dead that could be tripled, coming from the current 8 thousand to 24 thousand.

And all this for not having given “the possibilityà to the elderly to get vaccinated in advance, as in the ministerial circular, knowing perfectly well that the A/H1N1 flu has nothing to do with the one epidemic that strikes every year, the population, and that, as a consequence, a high rate of mortality,à complications.

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The seasonal flu every year is knocking at the door, and it harvests its victims: the sinister delay and the silence of those who should be vigilant and prevent the effect that" the dead do not rise, they have a management few the ethics of prevention in Italy,” concludes Messina.

the Page was published on 14 September 2009