> SIGO, prudence on the vaccine in pregnancy

Moreover, the choice of vaccination should be made on a case-by-case, “considering the situations in which the benefits outweigh the risks”.

To say it is the president of the Società italiana of gynaecology and obstetrics (Sigo), Giorgio Vittori, that acts on the opportunityà to vaccinate pregnant women, it is inserted between the priority categories in the order of vaccination signed by the deputy minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, on which forò please note that detailed directions will be provided after the opinion of the superior Council of the sanità.

Vittori explains that the “risk of influence for women in pregnancy is greater. This is the reason why in the ministerial order, the women are referred to as category a priority for vaccination, but to implement it is asked for an opinion of the Css”, reminds REUTERS HEALTH.

it Must be forò to take account of the particular condition that requires attention more.”From the practical point of view, for example – continues Vittori – it is important to know that there are two types of vaccine against this flu.

The so-called ‘flushot’, made with particles inactivated virus (dead), which is administered through an injection,” he stresses.

“C’è then the nasal spray, made with attenuated virus and this should never be used in pregnancy”, it is recommended that the V that is contrary even to the seasonal vaccine, “the purché made in the different areas of the body with respect to the new vaccine.”

in Short, if the injection against the viruses A/H1N1 is made on an arm you must choose the other arm.

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the Page was published on 14 September 2009