> With two influences up to 10 mln of infected

the prediction of the virologist of the Università of Milan, Fabrizio Pregliasco, which has taken place yesterday in milan at a meeting sponsored by Anifa (national Association of the pharmaceutical industry of self-medication).

“But the issue – said the expert – is that in parallel you will need to provide up to more than 10 million of additional cases, caused by infections flu-like”, the so-called virus ‘cousins’.

“The scenarios on the horizon are different, and a little predictable – precise, however, Pregliasco – and in the best case scenario, the italians affected by the influenza a virus may be reduced to approximately 4 million, a third of the people infected by the Australian and two-thirds from the new H1N1 virus”. For this, according to the specialist, the deputy minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio “has done well to throw water on the fire to avoid a risky short-circuit the media”.

The word order, then, is “to enhance the surveillance through the network of the medical sentinel of the Influent, which willà to be implemented, and to prevent improper access in the emergency room”, recommended by the virologist.

“The reference point will haveà be the family doctor,” says the expert. The best way to manage the early symptoms, he adds, “remains the self-medication manager”.

The antiviral drugs should be taken only on medical indication, and, in respect to the vaccine, “this year è più important than ever to stress the role of seasonal influenza vaccination, that will be better to do before the anti-H1N1”.

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Page published on the 10th September 2009