> Fazio, too much noise on the A/H1N1

“We need to attrezzarci with the Regions, – says Fazio – to uniformly manage the pandemic, and to treat the pneumonia that can occur in some patients with influenza A”.

In particular, sarà necessary to strengthen the continuityà of care, with the presence of physicians of the territory 24 hours a day, and the Regions will be invited to set up toll-free numbers available to citizens, who will be joined in the 1500, and the number of anti-emergency of the ministry.

You askà to the Regions, ” explains Fazio, to discourage the direct access of the citizens in hospitals and first-aid and facilitate telephone consultation with the doctors for the recognition of the symptoms, as happened in other Countries.

Fazio has confirmed that the vaccine strategy remains the same già announced and sarà the implementation in a week: first a million and a half of the operators of essential services, then approximately 7 million people at risk, such as the chronically ill.

The doubts about the safety of the vaccine responds that “after certification of the Emea, the european agency, and the all-clear, you can; rest assured”.

On the website of the ministry, continues Fazio, is available to the circular of July 27, the application of the plan, anti-pandemic, and are in preparation for circular later to update the Regions , available also online after the release.

09 September 2009

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