> Fazio, today signingò ordinance vaccinations

“vaccination – explain – sarà voluntary, we do not expect an adhesion of 100% between the categories to which it is destined. The reason for which is necessary a vaccination plan “is not; the seriousnessà of the disease, but the diffusibilità of the virus that has no equal, and the needà to ward off that hang the system in Italy”, stresses the minister.

“The vaccines we have and we take our responsibilityà”, he continues, reiterating that it aims to vaccinate 40% of the population, in line with the plan of Spain and Germany.

“With this vaccination plan in two phases, according to the guidelines of the Istituto superiore di sanità, we will have eradicated the epidemic from the Country before the summer”, he stresses.

And he concludes: “Of the great european Countries, we are the ones that we took fewer doses of the vaccine. The policy response of the più simple would be to vaccinate the entire population, as he has decided in England. Our is a choice to defect, taken on a scientific basis and that we assume all the responsibilityà”.

Page published on the 10th September 2009

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