> Cricelli, coordination against the H1N1

All the tools and the operators of the sanità the public must be coordinated. When arriverà also in Italy the peak of the pandemic, not sarà sufficient, in short, to close or suspend activities; or exercises, né as prevention né as a solution to problems”.

this is underlined in a note Claudio Cricelli, president of the Società italiana di medicina generale (Simg), in view of the technical board of the ministry of Welfare on the influence that takes placeà today in Rome, convinced that the best defense against a pandemic is represented by the healthcare organisation.

“we Place the utmost confidence – continues Cricelli – in the work of the coordination of the ministry of Health and the authoritiesà of health in general. The pandemic plan will only work if it is implemented in all its parts, and to do this they need an integrated management of the activitiesà of all the actors involved.

If you were to get the time of the emergency, measures will be taken the ordinary and the extraordinary, but we also want to remember that each of these tools alone is not able to curb and contain the spread of the pandemic.”

And at the technical table to September 2, the Simg presenterà a document (già sent to the ministry and available on the website www.simg.it with technical instructions addressed to family doctors, health care workers and to patients.

“We have gathered – ends Cricelli – some of the cards in a box ‘to break in case of needà’: contain, for example, instructions for relatives on how to deal with the pandemic, responses to the questions in più frequent, a decalogue operating general medicine, and the indication of measures of protection for health care workers.

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Instructions not trivial, but entering into the merits of the question, with a clear and direct language”.

Page published on 01 September 2009