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The incidence of this form of cancer in Italy is an average of 8,44 new cases per 100 thousand male inhabitants a year, and of 2.22 for females. To help the citizens to prevent it, is in the course of the third edition of Oral Cancer Day organized by the national Association of Italian dentists (Andi), which concluderà on the 22nd of September, the deadline to be able to make a visit free of charge to book for the toll-free number 800-911202.

In Great Britain – shows a note – the diagnosis of cancer of the oral routes have increased 28% in men around 40 years and 20% in young people up to 30 years: this increase is due to the exaggerated consumption of alcoholic substances and the world of spirits.

In recent years, the rate of mortality,à è in a slow but steady increase at all ages; and it follows that of lung neoplasms, with which it shares some of the causes. But, if discovered in time, this type of cancer is easily curable in 90% of cases.

it is good to know, forò, that the risk of oral cancer is 6 to 28 times higher in smokers and increases if it is associated with the consumption of alcohol. Prevention, proper oral hygiene and healthy life styles are therefore at the base to prevent the onset of the disease.

These are the tips of the dentists (Andi) to prevent oral cancer:

1)power: must be rich in fruits and vegetables;

2) do Not smoke;

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3) do Not drink spirits with regularityà and not to drink wine between meals.

4) do Not associate smoking and daily consumption of spirits;

5) Maintain a healthy mouth and well taken care of: for this reason, consult with regularityà a dentist. In particular, prosthetic old and/or inadequate and must be redone;

6) Autoesaminare periodically the mouth, but be careful: check all of the mouth, above and below the tongue, the lateral part of the tongue, the cheeks, the palate up to the uvula;

7) If in the mouth appear lesions such as spots or white patches and/or red, chronic wounds that tend not to heal, teeth faults and/or swollen gums or ill, consult a specialist for accurate diagnosis;

8) The specialist, if the diagnosis of a precancerous or chronic, proporrà asportarla: don’t refuse!;

9) The people over 40 years old (especially boys) who smoke and/or consume on a daily basis alcohol and spirits, or do not have a mouth cured must undergo each year, with the regularityà visit-prevention.

it is to guide the citizens to a correct self-assessment of the mouth, on the site www.obiettivosorriso.it is available a video guide made by experts and that è was deployed on Saturday, September 12, in 88 squares in italy.

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