> Coppito, the 112 dwellings for workers Sanofi

The houses, which will host about 500 people, including workers and employees of the company, have resulted in an investment of approximately 6 million euro allocated by the same Sanofi-Aventis.

The opening ceremony, you è carried out in the presence of Daniel Lapeyre, chief executive officer of Sanofi-Aventis Italy.

The 112 dwellings are divided into 90 structures built within the residential complex inaugurated in Scoppito on a land of 46 thousand square metres, safe from the hydrogeological point of view, and in 22 mobile facilities at the disposal of the logistical needs of the employees.

All the houses have a floor area between 42 and 62 square metres. The new tenants will be able to ‘open the doors’ for the first time starting today. Sanofi-Aventis, in addition to supporting the cost of the complex, it is occupied of the urbanization works required to make habitable area: lighting, gas, sewerage and street coverage for the transportà.

“we have Not done all this to the case – explained Lapeyre in the course of the press conference of presentation – but becauseé the solidarityà is part of our Dna. We went simply to meet the needà of our workers”.

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Page published on September 23, 2009

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