> H1N1, the vaccine against the swine sarà safe

“When sarà authorised in Italy, avrà immediately all the necessary controls,” assures the ADNKRONOS SALUTE Fabrizio Oleari, director general prevention and sanità of the ministry of Welfare, dispelling the concerns of some specialists on the safety of the vaccine on arrival, given the quick time to production.

According to Mills, it is accelerated too much, the path to the detriment of the safety. “The times are the same as the più or less all over the world and it is political parties all together – stresses – tests are still in progress and, according to the production plans, we can say that the doses of the vaccine should be available to the ministry by the end of October”.

of Course, the product will continueà to be monitored in the following. “Sarà on a careful plan of pharmacovigilance”, ensures the expert. In addition, it is important that the vaccination campaign against H1N1 does not overlap to that against seasonal influenza. “For this reason – explains Oil – diffusion of the annual circular relating to this last è was early”.

Page published on 01 September 2009

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