> Alzheimer’s disease, serving the new model of care

is the warning launched yesterday in Milan by the experts gathered at a conference on the theme, organized on the occasion of world Alzheimer’s Day from the weekly not for profit ‘Life’, in collaboration with the directorate-general of Family and social policies of the Region of Lombardy and the pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Sodexo.

The only way to avoid the crisis, explain both the white coats and the representatives of the institutions, is to focus on the so-called ‘welfare community’ and to reinvent a model of care tailored to these patients, involving the communityà.

perché, they warn, with the lengthening of life expectancy and the ageing of the population the numbers are expected to grow.

And già today there are at least half a million patients with Alzheimer’s scattered throughout the national territory. “The traditional model of care for chronic diseases – expensive, complex, and long-term – risks of entering a crisis in the near future”, confirms Marco Trabucchi, president of the Italian Association of psicogeriatria.

Alzheimer’s, warns, contributes substantially to the exponential acceleration of the cronicità of the diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease, the signals can be observed in età youth

the Page was published on September 21, 2009

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