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the Word Lucio Crinò, director of medical Oncology of the Azienda ospedaliera Santa Maria della Misericordia in Perugia, spoke to the Congress jointly by the European Cancer Organisation (Ecco) and the European Society for Medical Oncology (Esmo) in Berlin, to present some new data on drug therapy of this ‘big killer’.

“The main cause of the disease remains, in 80% of cases, cigarette smoking – she remembered Crinò meeting with journalists of the Italian – benché you observe an increase, even among non-smokers. In total, the cases of lung cancer recorded each year in Italy there are about 35 thousand and it is estimated that the deaths are about 28-30 thousand. It is in fact a disease that is basically still incurable, and the average in the world, less than 15% of patients survive five years after diagnosis, and in Italy this percentage stood at around 10%. You canò say that the deaths caused by lung cancer are higher than those caused by neoplasms of the breast, colon-rectum and prostate, all together.”

the Numbers that scare and against which the progress of science are still lenses. But with drugs and biological survival is slowly increasing. Research on any of these products, bevacizumab, were presented by Crinò to the congress: the study data of phase IV ‘Sail’ on the efficacy and safety of the monoclonal antibody in combination with chemotherapy, led to over 2 thousand patients with lung carcinoma non-small cell advanced lung cancer (Nsclc), including the elderly, hypertensive and patients with brain metastases, demonstrating a median overall survival of 14.6 months, with a percentage of disease control of more than 88% and a median time to progression of 7.8 months.

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While the preliminary results of the study ‘Aries’ confirm the safety profile of bevacizumab in a similar population, which reflects the real situation including the patients not ‘perfect’ as those enrolled in the trial registration.

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