> Pain medication in the pharmacy, but with the document

“as to the Circular signed today (Friday; for those who act) from the minister for Health Ferruccio Fazio in the theme of drugs antipain, it is stated that contrary to what is reported by the media, the ruling provides that the pharmacist is presented a prescription of these medications on a simple recipe and not repeatable is obliged to ascertain the identityà of the purchaser and take note of the details of an identification document to be transcribed, in the recipe that is retained by the pharmacist”.

It communicates a note published on the evening of the Thursday; by the ministry of Welfare. “In particular, – it is underlined in the document – the measure limits this procedure to the drugs moved from the Tab. To to Tab. II D, following the order of the 16/06/09 and not to the other drugs previously entered in the same Tab. II D which, in particular, the associations of paracetamol/codeine low dose.

Thereò at the request of the Federation of the Orders of Pharmacists, in order to avoid unnecessary red tape”.

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Page published on October 11, 2009

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