> The guarantor in favour of the register of the matching funds

The decree regulates the processing of data that will be collected for the registration of the entities, shall govern the purposes and establishes limits and conditions for the access to the archive that will beà così made.

The Register, once implemented, will allowà to survey many of the subjects operating in the sector of the offer of performance of the sanità the financial statements, such as Caspie, Casagit, Fisde, Assida. And willà to monitor and standardize the phenomenon of complementary support, with the aim of ensuring a minimum threshold of additional services provided to the cared for by individual funds.

The Registry does not containà data related to the health of the beneficiaries, who will continue to be handled exclusively by the entities, but only information concerning the funds: the constitutive act, the regulation, the nomenclature of the guaranteed performance, the financial statements and the schema model of adherence relative to their members and to members of their families.

as regards this last form, the Guarantor has recalled the obligation for each institution to collect only the personal data strictly necessary for the provision of their services to the patients and to treat them in compliance with the principles of proportionalityà, you needà and indispensabilità.

Page published on October 11, 2009

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