> Fimp, never asked for postponing the opening of schools

as stated in an official note, the president of Fimp, Giuseppe Mele. The possible closure of one or more schools, the number one of the Federation of pediatricians – is one of the many measures envisaged by the Who (world Organization of the sanità) in the moment in which it must intervene in the communityà of type ‘closed’ (as a school) to contain a possible spread of infectious”.

Apples stresses, therefore, that “the Fimp, interviewed in recent days on this topic, it has simply said to share this one, as the other recommendations of the highest authoritiesà of global public health.

But he never asked – ensures that the president – that the opening of the school year in our Country is delayed. The measure, which, however, at the moment it would have no effect unless you consider the opening of the schools a variable date” reflects.

“The Fimp, instead, concludes Apples – he hoped that, even in the comparison in the technical committee set up by the ministry of Health, bringing together representatives of the ministry of Education to evaluate every measure possible and necessary to combat the spread of the virus A/H1N1”.

the Page was published on August 31, 2009

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