> False certificates, penalties più for the doctors

With the green light of the Council of ministers, Friday morning, to the legislative decree for the implementation of the reform of the public administration, developed by the minister Renato Brunetta, are in fact stricter disciplinary sanctions for the white coats rei of false certificates of attendance or false medical certificates. Penis very hard, even of a criminal.

But not only Are many of the noveltyà included in the decree by which the physicians, as employees in the public sector will have to deal with. They range from the reform of Aran, to the evaluation of the performance. And yet, from greater transparency to a new method to reward the merit.

with regard To the sanctions and disciplinary proceedings, the decree – whose main contents are published on the website of the ministry of the public Function, provides a simplification of the procedures and increase their functionalityà, especially through “the extension of the powers of the manager of the establishment where the employee works, to the reduction and perentorietà of the terms, the expansion of the investigation, the abolition of the arbitration tribunals of appeal and to the prediction of validityà the publication of the disciplinary code on the telematic site of the administration”.

Is then governed “in an innovative way the relationship between disciplinary proceedings and criminal proceedings. For the cases of false certificates of attendance or false medical certificates, are introduced sanctions very incisive, even of a criminal, not only in respect of the employee, but also of the doctor, eventually co-responsible”.

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Many of the noveltyà for the executives, considered to be “the real responsible of the attribution of the economic treatment accessories”. To them it is then for the evaluation of the individual performance of each employee, according to criteria that are certified by the rating system.

Is also promoted mobilityà, both national and international, of the leaders and it is expected that the periods of work carried out will be taken into account for the purposes of the transfer of management positions. Finally, there are also laid down new procedures for the management access.

In particular, it provides that “the access to the position of manager of the first band in the government and in the non-economic public bodies takes place by public competition, for qualifications and examinations, organised by the individual local governments for 50% of the seats available annually, and that the winners of the competition will be required to undertake a period of training in the administrative State of the european Union or an eu body or international”.

Page published on October 11, 2009