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The base text approved on 29 July, the social Affairs Commission of the Chamber has a variety of shadows and it affects the citizens, doctors and all health care workers, with a devastating deregulation of the liberal professions, and the end of the substantive exclusivenessà of the relationship of the work without any re-evaluation”.

The claim, in a note, Mussel, national secretary of Fp Cgil medici, and Rossana Dettori, national secretary Fp-Cgil, pointing the finger about the measure to the consideration of Parliament. The union sent today to the members of the Commission certain proposals for amendment to the text.

Several points that do not convince. “The choice of the managers of a complex structure – make note Mussel and Dettori – remains in the hands of the directors-general appointed by the policy, in the context of a gattopardesca triad indicated by the commission of examiners, in which reappears the unacceptable presence of the university professor, the offensive of the dignityà of the hospital’s doctors.

it is also evident that there is a lack of transparency and obiettività in the rules which provide for the modeà of the appointment of other positions, both of the structure of the work”.

“The facultyà to the executives to remain in service for up to 70 years, they added, is a slap in the face to the thousands of precarious workers and residents, and it closes every prospect of a career for tens of thousands of doctors and veterinarians with professional assignments.

The only positive notes, the più times by us requests – recognize the trade unionists – are represented by the recognition of the College of management as an organ of the company and of the centralità of the department, by the best criteria for the selection of the directors-general and by the prohibition to misuse the article 15 for filling the management positions without competition”. But is “too little”, they point out.

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Page published on 01 September 2009