> Andi, too many to keep the sanctions for the abusive

applied art. 348 of the penal Code, relating to the illegal exercise of the profession. The one who violates it is punished with imprisonment up to six months or with a fine from 100 to 500 euro.

The explains to ADNKRONOS SALUTE Gianfranco Prada, the secretary statutory auditors of the Andi (national Association of Italian dentists), pointing out that “in the judgment is always given a pecuniary sanction. Too little”.

The ‘cheaters’ can così resume their activitiesà to be abusive. “And’ così,” says Prada. “Also becauseé not è not even provided for the confiscation of the equipment, but only the seizure. However, not mandatory”. Therefore it is enough to submit an instance of release from seizure to regain possession of the expensive equipment.

it is the confiscation is the deterrent that the Andi asks you to put in the bill proposals for the tightening of the penalty for the dentists to be abusive. “In the last parliament – highlights Prada – the former minister of Health, Livia Turco, had developed a draft law on the government initiative to tighten sanctions against fake dentists. The measure, which also included the confiscation of the equipment, had gotten the go-ahead by the Council of ministers, but has not had time to receive the ok of Parliament. The Prodi Government is fallen and not c’è was the time.”

Page published on October 08, 2009

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