> Brescia (Lombardy), the reward regions of the virtuous

The person responsible for Sanità of the Pirellone says with force that the Regions of the virtuous cannot be treated like those in red, that the Regions of “non-virtuous” should be responsible to remedy at their ‘hole’, and that if they endure in spite of everything “should answer for them in court”.

To those who ask for an increase of 3.7% of the national health Fund, Bresciani responds: “I do Not agree that you should ask about the historical basis for an increase in the percentage of the health Fund, without differentiating between the Regions of the virtuous from non-virtuous – said the councillor yesterday in Milan, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the presentation of the campaign ‘BCD. Good compensation of diabetes’ – becauseé otherwise, we finance even the non virtuosity”. Instead, “we need to neutralize the costs of improper of the Regions that produce them.

The costs are improper cannot be funded – is pressing – you can; increase all around the funding of 3.7%. For the cost its can; be realistic, becauseé is similar to the concept of the increase of the standard cost of the sanità in Europe, which is 3.4%. Toò I do not agree on the funds to rain, without distinguish. Be funded only person who procures a value to health,” concludes Bresciani.

Page published on October 08, 2009

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