> Amami replication Codacons on consent forms

This joke provocative Maurizio Maggiorotti, president of Amami, which replicates at the request of the association to standardise the forms for informed consent.

“We agree with Codacons, we have to finish it with different patients that have different diseases. From now on, the sick must be the same, and present the same symptoms, precisely as many as are the modules on the List will takeà authorize”, continues the ironic Maggiorotti.

In the Photo, it seems that We ignore the fact that the informed consent form serves only to demonstrate, in a possible judgment, which the doctor explained to the patient the purposes and risks of a certain treatment.

The signature does not lighten the the health none of the responsibilityà. “As you canò to trivialize the delicate trust relationship between doctor and patient, confusing models for privacy with your consent, that the patient shows, entrusting his life in the hands of a professional?”, question Maggiorotti.

Worse yet, to hear talk of a ‘simple diagnostic tests’, “as it reads in the exposed Codacons to the Guarantor of privacy. The exams are simple, as the simple operations, they do not exist. Are all of when the diagnosis is easy, but no examination or intervention you can; define the simple a priori, they can always hide the many difficultiesà”, precise Maggiorotti.

Cystitis: causes, symptoms and treatment

the Page was published on September 15, 2009

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