> Fnomceo, a Marshall plan for the rehabilitation of debts

the appeal of the president of the national Federation of the Orders of doctors (Fnomceo), Amedeo White, that from Turin, at the national congress of the specialists of the Sumai, invites us to a greater commitment to defence of the Nhs.

An appeal that arises from a situation of “grave alarm”, with a deficit for the “health of 35-40 billion, according to data from both the Confindustria, both of the ministry of Welfare. A deficit in the consolidated financial statements of Asl, which is a species of the public debt, submerged, little più of 2 percentage points of Gdp. You think that a child born in the Lazio region, has già a debt, to the sanità, 2,600 euros,” he says.

Today, “we are worried – add a White – to keep in line with the current expenditure. The re-entry plans to reach the goal to align the expenditure and accounting of funding, and it is right.

Forò, in these years of federalism, imperfect, and in some areas of the Country has certainly not expressed the best né policy né of the management, you have created deficits in important that weigh on spending,” says the president of the doctors that offers a step forward in the consolidation of the accounts of the sanità.

“we do Not act only on current spending, but we try to make sure that the system is free of his debts and purchase some sort of balanced budget in a certain period of time.”

the Page was published on October 05 2009

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