> The Pope invites pharmacists to disobedience

the One in question regulates the relationships of doctors with pharmacists is 1938, and reads as follows: ‘pharmacists need to deliver the medication prescribed by your doctor. In the absence have to order it and can get pay advance the same medication’.

But the Pope is not asking for a change in the Law that allows its faithful to respect your own feeling. Does not invoke a law on conscientious objection that even a premier in the odor of repentance and abjuration could very well make him. Simply invite a category assigned to a public service (even if managed by private individuals, such as Alitalia ) not to do his duty, Even give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God what is of God…

Simply abused your position to force the citizen to your religious beliefs. I would say without fear of exaggeration that it is a behaviour similar to that of the taliban.

This medication, not to be confused with RU-486, which serves for the abortion drug and should be administered by a physician in the context of the Law 194/78 is available even in the beauty of Ireland, where abortion is prohibited.

The choice to invite the pharmacists to violate the law, involving the women, who see it trampled on their rights as citizens. Già some of the complaints have come for this problem, and the crime assumed is that of interruption of a public service.

Involving, forò also the doctors , who are running regular recipe and are rejected, in clear violation of the contract that binds physicians and pharmacists, with the risk of abuse of the profession.- It is possible that a pharmacist waste a regular medication prescribed?

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the Life of the woman, active for a year with their service SOS morning after pill and with its network of doctors proscrittori in 14 the cityà d’italia, continuerà to defend the right of women to health.

Ted Kennedy, in a letter to the Pope in which he apologizes for his behaviour, said, ‘forò I can not defend the health of women’.

Anche noi, santità.

Elisabetta Canitano

the Page was published on 14 September 2009