> IEO, discovery on cancer stem

The study, conducted on mice, and in particular on animal models of breast cancer, is published on the ‘Cell‘. Shows that the stem cells of cancer divide in a symmetrical manner and that the tumor expands then so geometric, but it is possible to intervene with special medications. Molecules that can be used for now only in preclinical research.

The work is signed by the team coordinated by Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, director of molecular Oncology at Ieo and professor at the università degli Studi of Milan.

The study has been conducted in the laboratories of the Ifom (Firc Institute of molecular oncology-Ieo, in collaboration with the State of the capital of lombardy and has been possible thanks to the funding of the Italian Association for cancer research (Airc), the ministry of Health and of the Communityà european. the

In the last few years – remember the experts – has been discovered a great deal about how to multiply cells in a tumor. Little or nothing, instead, you knew on the multiplication of cancer stem.

These cells, although very few within tumors, are the ones responsible for the growth of the disease and its spreading in the form of metastases. the

The baby-cancer cells and therefore represent the ‘Trojan horse’ to defeat the cancer from the inside: to lock the growth of the tumour, it is necessary to recognize and strike its stem, the real target are their own.

Page published on September 17, 2009

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