> The room approves ddl palliative care unanimouslyà

the Objective of the measure, which now goes to the Senate, is to create a network of hospice and facilities, starting with those già existing on the territory.

“The important thing – said the deputy minister for Health Ferruccio Fazio – is now palliative care will be made to the system, then made homogeneous in all the Regions”.

The deputy minister, stopped by journalists on leaving the Classroom, he also expressed “great satisfaction the unanimityà” reached in Montecitorio, “the result of the great collaboration between the Parliament and the Government” on an extremely delicate issue such as the treatment of pain.

As to the funds made available for the measure, the object of a great clash when the Ddl was the examination of the social Affairs Commission, “in addition to the 50 m già available – stresses Fazio – è provided for the allocation of 100 million euro per year, starting from 2009 and then renewed in subsequent years. Therefore, the resources she concludes, “there are”.

The measure passed by the Hall of Montecitorio, important novità also for the prescription of medications pain, among these opioids and cannabinoids.

The measure, indeed, introduces “the simplification of the prescription. Today, a doctor who wants to prescribe a drug pain, among these, especially opioids and cannabinoids, ” explains the former minister Livia Turco, ‘team leader’ of the Pd in the social Affairs Committee of the Chamber – has to resort to a cookbook special, and then with a bureaucratic burden will be enormous.

The measure provides for a substantial simplification. Furthermore, it becomes law, the measure which I adopted with a decree in 2007, providing for the introduction of some of the principles of cannabinoids to alleviate the pain of the people with Als”.

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Page published on September 17, 2009