> Reform in the Usa, Obama, us provò già in Illinois

Health and well-being, and political rights 09 September 2009 Reform in the Usa, Obama, us provò già in Illinois This evening, the american president Barack Obama parlerà at the Congress to pull the strings of the health reform project. A speech highly anticipated, from which may depend the future of one of the political projects that più the heart.

But not è the first time that Obama rises to take the word in the classroom on this topic: he did already; once in 2004 when he was a member of the Illinois Senate, and his strategy, then, writes the Washington Post, può say a lot on that today.

Obama will start toò to work on the reform in 2002, a week after he was elected, while he was in the process of becoming president of the commission, sanità of the Senate of the state of Illinois. His initial goal was to create a public health system that would guarantee health care for all, and to do so sought forò più wide support as possible, looking for support and suggestions, even by people who were opposed.

his was a work of methodical, patient and constant, which also included the awareness of the community; local in order to secure the support of the mps, così as è was made this summer with the public debates in the “town hall” of the whole of America. The future president does not trascurò even trying to pull from the part of a lobbyist of the medical insurance. 

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