> The Ismett transplant of liver, “domino”

Thanks to a single donor, and some technical devices has been possible to transplant two patients, so that the first receiver is ‘transformed’ in the donor and put at the disposal of the second patient, the liver that had just been removed to allow the transplantation. The protagonists of this story are two men, suffering from two different diseases.

The first patient, a man 36 years old, was suffering from a metabolic disease genetics, amyloidosis, a disease that manifests itself only in the età adult and that causes, usually not before the age of 20-30 of età, a severe impairment of the peripheral nervous system.

In this disease, however, the main functions of the liver are completely normal. In all these years, the patient has been followed up by the Unità Operating Neurobiology and Clinical Neuromuscular Diseases of the Università di Messina, by professor Giuseppe Vita, director of the Department, and by dr. Anne Mazzeo.

For him, the transplant was essential to stop the advance of the disease. The operation has been possible thanks to a donation that is made available at the Civic Hospital of Palermo. The young patient è was then subjected to transplantation, but his liver has been removed, with some technical devices, and then re-used for a second patient.

To receive the body è was, in this case a 65 year old patient, suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, whose conditions were very serious and that he would not più could not wait the long times of the waiting list. The transplant for this second patient is started immediately after the withdrawal, almost simultaneously with that of his donor. Both liver transplant patients are currently admitted at the intensive care unit of Ismett.

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“The technique domino – explains professor Bruno Gridelli, director of the Ismett – is very particular and può only be performed in some cases and in highly specialized centers. This complex method has the objective of increasing the ability to cope with the demands of transplantation of our patients. The amyloidosis is a rare genetic disease for which patients the sicilian followed up with a very good center of the Università di Messina, until today, had to go to the North for the transplant”.

Always in the night between Fridayì and Saturday, finally, Ismett è was also carried out a heart transplant. The transplant has been possible thanks to the same donor, which was made available at the Civic Hospital of Palermo. To be subjected to transplantation, a woman suffering from congestive heart failure terminal.

93 the transplants performed at Ismett from the beginning of the year, of these, 50 are of the liver, 19 in the kidney, 12 heart, 7 lung and five combined. In the last two weeks there were 14 transplants performed, the più thanks to donors sicilian. “Our thoughts and gratitude,” continues the Gridelli – goes to the families of the donors who have been able, in their grief, to give a hope of life to patients waiting for a transplant and operators of revives sicily. Without them, in fact, no transplant would have been possible.”

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the Page was published on 14 September 2009