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present it to the senators of the Pdl Michael Saccomanno, Laura Bianconi, Raffaele Calabrò and Luigi D’ambrosio Lettieri.

In the introduction, the exponent of the Pdl recall the news reported by the magazine ‘the Times’ of 10 September, according to which a woman would have aborted two years ago using the Ru486 with tragic experiences both from the point of view of the physical emotional.

Also, how to specify the senators in the introduction, according to these press reports, the consequences suffered by the woman in question would be attributable to the administration and uncontrolled of the drug, occurred in a non-hospital setting.

From here, the senators Saccomanno, Bianconi, Calabrò, and D’ambrosio Lettieri asked the minister “whether it is the knowledge that similar episodes and, if so, the period to which they relate.

Also, if, in case, they are taken into account the adverse events caused by taking the pill, not within hospitals, and what were the scientific technical evaluations. Finally if and in what ways the ministry deems it necessary to intervene in order to protect the health of women following the free marketing of the pill Ru486″.

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Abortion: the method of medication, the abortion pill RU486

Page published on September 17, 2009

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