> The Testament, the eight of July in the commission

what he learns the ADNKRONOS HEALTH, rapporteur of the measure sarà Domenico Di Virgilio (Pdl), former secretary of Health of the Government of Romania. Another doctor, therefore, to guide the process of the Ddl in the Commission, after Raffaele Calabrò, the rapporteur of the text at the Palazzo Madama, where the measure has received the green light of the Classroom, on the 26th of march last.

The Ddl ‘Provisions regarding therapeutic alliance, informed consent and advance statements of treatment is approved by the Senate provides, in a nutshell, the ‘no’ to the suspension of nutrition and hydration artificial, home care for patients in a vegetative state, and advance statements of treatment (Dat) binding and with a duration of 5 years.

the Nine articles in all, to regulate the hotly debated topic of living wills. The ‘node’ più controversial issue is certainly hydration and artificial feeding, a crucial step on which the minister for Welfare, Maurizio Sacconi, in an interview last week to the newspaper of the Future, reiterated not wanting to go back.

In the Ddl are considered to be forms of life support: a non-negotiable of the measure, warned the minister.

Page published on 01 July 2009

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