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These are the national numbers of the primary tumour in the female, according to a study by the research Centre of oncology of Mercogliano (Crom), affiliate of the Fondazione Pascale in Naples.

according To the authors, in Italy the actual figures of the big killer in the female are “strikingly higher” compared to the official data. In particular, it is alarming to see the data for women under 45: in 6 years we can calculate a +28.6% of cases in the group of age 25-44 years of age.

“A population is generally excluded from the campaigns of screening mammography,” noted the coordinator of the research Antonio Giordano, president of the Sbarro Health Research Organization of Philadelphia, professor of anatomy and histology, pathological at the Università di Siena and chairman of the scientific Committee of the Crom.

The data of the study, già published online on the the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research’, have been announced by the Jordan, on the occasion of the delivery of the prize Confindustria ‘Neapolitan excellence in the world’ at the Teatro San Carlo of naples, in the presence of the chairman of the Board Silvio Berlusconi.

And it is precisely to the premier that Jordan has delivered the results of the research, together with “questions that await quick responses on the part of the Institutions responsible for the protection of the health of the citizens and of women in particular,” it said in a note.

so Far, reminds the press release, the only information available on the numbers of breast cancer in the Peninsula were based on a method of estimation indirect, developed on the basis of the data of mortality,à Istat data and survival of the study Eurocare.

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Giordano and colleagues – a multidisciplinary team of Crom, Istituto tumori ‘Fondazione Pascale’, and the Second Università di Napoli, composed of epidemiologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, clinical pathologists, and geneticists – have ‘counted’ in cases of breast cancer in our Country by passing in review “cards to hospital discharge records of the ministry of Health, pointed out Prisco Piscitelli, epidemiologist and professor at the Philadelphia – counting the exact number of surgeries-radical procedures (mastectomy) or conservative (quadrantectomie) actually executed in the operating theatres italy from 2000 until 2005 (the last year available for consultation)”.

According to the specialist, “thereò imposes undoubtedly the needà to consider a lowering of the età execution of the first mammogram, but should also make us ask ourselves about the causes that are leading to a così a surprising increase of breast cancers in women più young people.” The factors the defendants?

“Probably the intake of estrogen through foods or in pharmacological preparations, cigarette smoke, environmental pollution and in particular dioxin (a carcinogen of class I that is deposited in the fatty tissues like the breasts of women)”. The jordan shows, finally, “the needà to raise funds for cancer research”.

From here the decision to contact directly the president of the Council, to which the expert has also delivered “a dossier on demographic projections of the negative of our Country for the next 10 years – the note concludes – that make crucial the adoption of programmes of economic support for families, aimed at encouraging the natalità”.

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