> Embryos chimera are not priorities;

To say that è Luca Marini, professor of international law at the università la Sapienza of Rome and vice-chairman of the national Committee for bioethics (Cnb), which comments on the document on hybrid embryos approved by the Cnb, at the meeting of Fridayì to which the Marine was not present.

“I was Not able to attend the meeting, but certainly I would not have voted for the document,” explains the expert in a note. “It seems to me – adds Marine – continue to be a strong temptation to propose to the public the bioethical issues based on their media impact and their spendibilità politics, with the inevitable, resulting in the search for mediations and compromises biopolitici, and altogether unfit for the scientific study of bioethical issues”.

the Marine And asks: “How long necessaryà before the Cnb examines ethical issues and bioethics of the actual relevance of the collective and intergenerational, for example, by updating the document ‘Bioethics and the environment’, 1995, adopted not in the case when the bioethics, and the same Cnb, were politically invisible,” she reflects.

“I Think, once again, that the Cnb, its role and its vocation, must express itself with force, total population increase – notes the expert – on the threats to the environment and to public health arising from the diffusion of certain technologies, and should research and suggest tools to protect the basic needs of general interest, such as environmental safety, food and health.

The intrusion of industrial interests and of the market, strong enough to be able to address the content of community and national rules, should be set against the scientific analysis of bioethical issues, which, by definition, is incompatible with positions of a part of.”

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Page published on 29 June 2009