> Autologous storage of cord to be able to discourage?

And to counter a culture of “always più popular that dà the body, with a market value” and not based on “scientific data”.

He is convinced Eugenia Roccella, ministry of Welfare, who attended the presentation of the first information campaign for the national organ donation and solidarity of the umbilical cord, rich in stem cells that can be used – if stored in public banks in the network on the international level – for the cure of many serious diseases of the blood.

A campaign is “very important,” said Roccella, “perché provides on the topic of the correct information that makes possible informed choices and scientifically based”.

The goal now, he concludes Roccella, sarà to “further improve the network of biobanks public present in our territory, focusing on the rationalisation of the network. A project for which we have già provided, as a Government, an appropriation of 10 million euros”.

Roccella, highlighting the risks of a entrance of private-sector così as delicate as that of stem cells, has made the example of a site visited on the Internet, particularly ‘misleading’.

In the Network, so you can find anything, but there are companies that advertise, with offers like ‘pay for 2 get 3’, the preservation of the tissues of the teeth. One thing that has no basis in scientific né prospects of usefulness; the next venture. Is based probably on the idea the magic of science,” he concluded Roccella.

Different point of view, Antonella Poretti, the parliamentary radicals-Pd that invited you to do the sake of clarity, clarity about the wastes of the “countless biobanks public that they should justify their existence when they collect a paltry number for the year of cords”.

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“do Not serve” said Poretti – instead, the crusades, anti-scientific, in the end they blame a lack of donations to the mothers, “bad” that they prefer to keep them for autologous use”.

Poretti a critique of the attack on the biobanks private offering autologous conservation, defined as cheating by the managers of the associations and the position of the secretary of Roccella, which he considers illusory.

“If the donation in Italy – he says – is a disaster, the blame is; the difficultyà in the collection of the beads at the time of birth.

Nothing is said of the causes that are before the eyes of all: the waste of countless biobanks public that they should justify their existence when they collect a paltry number for the year of the loops, as demonstrated by the numbers provided to you from our query”.

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Page published on July 02, 2009