> Federlab, risk of closure with the new rates

the alarm was launched by Federlab Italy, the national coordination of laboratories of analysis that today in Rome, has met the deputy minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, at the conference ‘The laboratory analyses: a resource, not a problem.’

The national coordination, which brings together 70% of the laboratories throughout Italy, it does not share at all the new ‘nomenclator’

According to Federlab, not c’è no tariff adjustment in relation to the costs that have increased over the last few years, and the overall impact may settle on 10% less revenue compared to the ‘tariff Bindi’ of 1997.

Federlab has also presented a survey conducted by Antonello Zangrandi, professor at the università Bocconi university, Milan, on 26 Italian workshops, 4 different regions (Lombardia, Lazio, Campania, Sicily). The analysis shows that all laboratories, large and small, are at risk of closure within 6-8 months.

“From the studio – has declared Vincenzo D’anna, president of Federlab) shows that the hypothesis of the new ‘nomenclator’ is impossible. The proposal, inserted in the budgets of the più important Italian workshops, it would lead to failure”.

The appeal of D’anna also extends to the “disparityà between the private and the public”, which, according to the number one Federlab should be deleted.

“We do laboratory technicians do not deserve the guillotine,” he concluded. The invitation has been accepted by Fazio, who has reiterated the Government’s commitment: “Not to defend microinteressi, but to protect the interests of the sanità and the world of work. A good private – he concluded – must be absolutely equivalent to a good audience, becauseé the work of the laboratory technicians is essential for clinical decision making”.

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Page published on 01 July 2009