> Fnonceo, Nurses in the pharmacy? Let’s talk about it

The central Committee of Fnomceo, which met Friday in Rome, has requested a meeting with perché “will emerge, proposals for collaboration are shared, which take account of individual professional profiles and the specific skills.

“The Committee – reads a note – taking note of the recent proposals for the reorganization of the health authorities, such as those on the presence of nurses in pharmacies, sharing a total of the opportunityà of steps towards improving the health organization, targeted especially to the cronicità and the domiciliarità, which include, in addition to the role of the doctor, also that of other healthcare professionals, believes in the need for the definition of an organizational model that is comprehensive, targeted to optimize the system and to define priorities; of intervention”.

From here the invitation to nurses and pharmacists, for a first meeting for “a joint examination of the various aspects of the collaboration between the different professions, with particular regard to the respective profiles of the responsibilityà and to the specific skills”.

During the ‘summit’, ensures the Fnomceo,”we will strive to improve" will emerge, proposals to share with the organizations of the sector, the ministry of Health and the Regions, to also contribute to the implementation of the recent Convention of the general medicine, which lays the foundations for the creation of complex structures of primary care, and the future role of the territorial coverage of the Nhs, proposed to the pharmacies”.

Finally, the Fnomceo is proposed as a “partner to a path of the evolution of the territorial cares, which must include, in addition to professional content and organization, a new system of relationship and integration between health professionals”.

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Page published on 29 June 2009