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“all of a sudden yesterday the Government would be reintroduced in the decree so-called anti-crisis, the ‘scrapping’ of the medical and veterinary managers in the achievement of 40 years of anzianità contribution by granting to the government the facultyà to unilaterally terminate the employment relationship and the individual contract of employment”.

this was stated by the inter-union medical, which brings together almost all the acronyms of the associations of the white coat of the Ssn. The doctors that, in the event già announced on 9 July, in Rome, against the Decree Brunetta, the public employment, take the opportunity “to thwart this latest attack of the Government and announce further industrial action,” it said in a note.

With the ‘return’ scrapping’ of the medici “is thwarted – say, the white coats – the decision of the Parliament, who only a few months ago he deleted this rule absurd, approving the proxy law on the reform of the Public employment in which he was set as limit for the retirement of the company’s 40 years of actual service”.

The trade union organisations in the management of medical and veterinary consider to be “intolerable attitude of the Government, which, by law, continues to carry out raids in the employment relationship of employees in the public and therefore also of the physicians and veterinarians of the Ssn, and believe altresì inadmissible that by this law the unjust are saved only to the directors of the complex structure, better known as ‘the major'”, concludes the note signed by anaao assomed Assomed, Cimo Asmd, Aaroi, Fp Cgil Medici, Fvm, Federation, Cisl Medici, Fassid, Fesmed, Federation doctors, Uil Fpl.

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Page published on 29 June 2009